Every November sees the annual punishment of a group of mates that made Les Gets cool in its glory years.

The Punisher weekend has been running for several years and normally includes starting hungover, and riding in the wind and rain until after dark with no lights. Then we never ride together again for a whole year 'cos it was so rubbish.

We didn't ride at all on the Monday as it poured down all day :( However on Tuesday things looked a lot better in the morning and we headed out to Switzerland. It was very muddy on the way across and the final lift up to the top of the Pointe de Mossette headed into the clouds! It was not looking good.

Its all been pretty hectic since the last report and its now the beginning of the last day! The good news is that the weather has turned. The bad news is so has Simon's ankle; he broke it on Wednesday! He did it while walking a steep section on Mont Chery and it was a bit of an event getting him off the mountain!

I'll update with more news and photos etc as soon as I have time...

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