If you have been here before you will already have noticed that things are looking a little different.

It's been a long time coming but this web site has finally had a major overhaul. I must apologise for the lack of new content in recent times but I've been waiting on this version before adding any more. Hopefully if the new version all runs smoothly I can focus on the content moving forward - more routes, more videos, more photos, more.... you get the picture!

Credit to these guys for making the effort. Please add your support and we'll hopefully get more/better riding in the Peak District National Park.

Hi all,

A small group of us have started an advocacy and lobbying group to liaise with
Peak District National Park Authority and Derbyshire Dales/County Councils with regard to improving MTB access in the entire park, and to help them with their Cycling Strategy Plan.

We have launched with the full knowledge and support of Ride Sheffield and we will be working closely with them on all aspects of common interest, especially looking at how MTB access can be maxmised throughout the park. We would like to link up with any other rider groups using the park – the greater the voice, the more we will be able to add influence.

If you live in the National Park you can have a direct say by joining us, if you ride here but live further afield then you can become a supporter and add weight to our cause. Please use the link below to read our constitution and to sign up as a member or supporter using the join form on the website: http://www.peakdistrictmtb.org.uk/

(The only purpose in collecting the data is to show PDNPA that we have support and to keep members and supporters informed – we will NOT sell your soul to advertisers etc!!)

News will be appearing on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/270969459606482/ , through Twitter (@PeakDistrictMTB) or on the website.

Please pass this information on to any mates who live/ride in the Peak. Any support would be most welcome.

Cheers, Paul

Viking Challenge 2012

A reminder from the organisers of this local charity ride. We'll be there as usual. See you on it or in the pub after!

Only three weeks to go

Just three weeks until the day of The Viking Challenge. If you've not signed up yet you can do so on our new website. You can do it all online and pay by Paypal. You can also buy your Viking Challenge t-shirt on the site.

Don't forget, the reason we organise this event is to raise money for charity. This year, our partner charity is Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.  You can see a video about the amazing work that they do on our website. Please consider raising sponsorship for your ride. If you raise more than £50 you'll get a free Viking Challenge t-shirt  and there are prizes for those who raise the most money. Any amount you raise will make a real difference to both the charity and Redmile School, home of the Viking Challenge. You can raise sponsorship through Just Giving, choosing Hearing Dogs for Deaf People as the charity you are fundraising for. Remember to email all your friends and post on facebook to let everyone know what you're doing.

If you've not seen it yet, take a look at our facebook page.  It's a really quick and easy way to get updates about the event and to chat with us and other riders. You can find it here.

Looking forward to seeing you on the day

Viking Challenge

I missed the third round of the 2012 UK Gravity Enduro and didn't have time to write a blog of the fourth round at Eastridge. I really enjoyed Eastridge but had a few issues with my MRP 2X chain device failing to do it's job so I turned up to the last round at Dyfi Forest with one of them new fangled clutch mechs attached to my Ibis Mojo HD and lots to improve on.

I arrived Friday lunch time and met up with Beef and Danni to do a practice lap in glorious sunshine. I've ridden the ClimachX trail and some off piste stuff in the forest before but still wasn't sure what to expect?

BellyFrom September 15th -26th Paul and Iain (A.K.A. Belly and The Doc) are going to be cycling across the entire length of Spain from north to south.

You will be able to keep up with their progress via this blog: http://yougodo.blogspot.com.es/2012/09/length-of-spain-cycle-ride-live-progress.html which will feature live mapping of where they've got to.

It's not all about long days in the saddle working up a thirst for the long evenings in the bar though! They will also be raising money for charity. You can donate to help them for three great causes (The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Cancer Research UK and Alzheimer’s Research UK) at http://www.charitygiving.co.uk/paulbell