Credit to these guys for making the effort. Please add your support and we'll hopefully get more/better riding in the Peak District National Park.

Hi all,

A small group of us have started an advocacy and lobbying group to liaise with
Peak District National Park Authority and Derbyshire Dales/County Councils with regard to improving MTB access in the entire park, and to help them with their Cycling Strategy Plan.

We have launched with the full knowledge and support of Ride Sheffield and we will be working closely with them on all aspects of common interest, especially looking at how MTB access can be maxmised throughout the park. We would like to link up with any other rider groups using the park – the greater the voice, the more we will be able to add influence.

If you live in the National Park you can have a direct say by joining us, if you ride here but live further afield then you can become a supporter and add weight to our cause. Please use the link below to read our constitution and to sign up as a member or supporter using the join form on the website:

(The only purpose in collecting the data is to show PDNPA that we have support and to keep members and supporters informed – we will NOT sell your soul to advertisers etc!!)

News will be appearing on Facebook , through Twitter (@PeakDistrictMTB) or on the website.

Please pass this information on to any mates who live/ride in the Peak. Any support would be most welcome.

Cheers, Paul

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