tools needed

  • 5mm allen key
  • Shock pump
  • Rags
  • Degreaser
  • Judy butter or similar oil soluble grease
  • (maybe Rockshox air can wrench or similar)
1. Remove the shock from the bike. Remember the frame will pivot without the shock in place.Use rags to stop any contact and resulting scratches.

2. Clean the shock well - you don't want dirt getting inside it when you take it apart! Remove the reducer bushes from the eyelets. Remove the travel o-ring.

3. Record the positive and negative chamber pressures so you can set them again later. Let all the pressure out of both chambers. The button on the bottom of the shock pump allows this to be done easily and safely without having to poke things in the valves!


4. Unscrew the silver air can locking collar. This can usually be undone by hand but if over tight you may need to get the proper Rockshox air can wrench or improvise with a car oil filter remover or similar..

5. Pull the air can off the shock. Depress (or remove) the negative schrader valve while you pull to allow air in and make removal easier.

6. Clean everything thoroughly. Use some mild citrus degreaser if necessary. Inspect all the o-rings as you do so. Remove them if necessary to aid cleaning or replace them if damaged.

7. Grease the following:

  1. Fixed Piston Glide Ring
  2. Fixed Piston O-ring
  3. Can O-ring
  4. U-cup seal, glide ring and wiper


8. Replace the air can on the shock. Be careful not to damage the Fixed Piston O-ring and Glide ring as you do so. Put a little grease on the locking collar thread, line up the Schrader valves and tighten up the collar.

9. Pressurise both chambers and re-fit the shock to the bike.