tools needed

  • 24mm hexagonal socket
  • 5mm allen key
  • Plastic hammer
  • Circlip pliers
  • Rags
  • Container for old oil
  • 5wt oil (about 155cc)
  • Rock Shox Red Rum
1. Remove the forks from the bike and give them a good external clean. Remove the air from the left leg.

2. Use a 24mm socket to undo the top cap on the right leg. It's best to use a snug fitting hexagonal socket as the top cap is plastic and easily damaged.

3. Pour the oil out of the right leg into a suitable container.

4. Again using the 24mm socket remove the air valve top cap from the left leg.

5. Invert the fork (beware oil running out of it!) and remove the damping adjuster knob. Using a 5mm allen key undo the two shaft bolts 5 turns each. Tap the bolts with a plastic mallet to release the lowers from the uppers. Remove the bolts completely and then slide the lowers off the uppers.

6. Remove the springs from the seals in the lowers and then carefully remove the foam rings from below the seals. Delicately clean them using a rag to soak the oil / dirt out of them. Tip: you can also clean the foam rings with warm soapy water but you must let them dry fully before re-assembly.

7. Remove the circlip holding the damping assembly (the yellow side). Remove the damping assembly.

8. The circlip holding the white plastic shaft guide for the negative spring assembly is a bitch to get out so I usually leave it in place and remove the assembly from the top - just push it up from the bottom.

9. Give everything a good clean. Something to poke rags into the forks that won't scratch them is handy e.g. a bit of dowel.

10. You should now have all these bits clean and ready for re-assembly. Start by re-inserting the negative spring assembly from the top. Use a lttle Red Rum to lube the o-ring. Replace the damping assembly and the circlip holding it in place.

11. Thoroughly lube the foam rings with Red Rum so that they are soaked with it. Tip: a small paintbrush is useful for doing this. Carefully replace the foam rings under the seals. This is a bit fiddly! Replace the springs on the seals and then insert the uppers into the lowers. Be careful not to damage or displace the foam rings!

12. Invert the fork and pour 10-15cc of 5wt oil into the left leg. Replace both shaft bolts and tighten. Replace the the damping adjuster knob.

13. Turn the fork the right way up and pour 140cc of 5wt oil into the right leg. Cycle the fork to circulate the oil through the damper assembly.

14. Put a drop of Red Rum into the left leg to help lubricate the piston o-ring. Replace both top caps and tighten.

15. Pump back up to pressure and give it a try.