tools needed

  • 5mm allen key
  • Bush tool (or suitable sockets)
  • Vice (or clamp or soft hammer)
1. Remove the shock from the bike. Remember the frame will pivot without the shock in place. I've used a rag to stop any contact and resulting scratches.

2. Clean the shock.

3. Remove the reducer bushes from both ends of the shock. If they are tight they can be clamped in a vice and the shock wiggled until they come out.


4. Using a DU bush tool push out the eyelet bushes from both ends of the shock. The tool pictured is the one available from mojo. It comes with instructions. If you don't have the tool the bushes can be pushed out by using the new bush to push the old one out into a suitable sized socket.

5. Clean around the eyelets.

6. Insert the new DU bushes using the tool. In this case the bush fits onto the tool, the other end of the tool is reversed from the removal procedure and the bush is pressed in.

7. Fit the new reducer bushes. If you can't push them in by hand the vice can be used to gently squeeze them in. Tip: Do one side at a time to avoid getting them wonky.

8. Refit the shock to the bike. Use some blue loctite on the mounting bolts. Do them up tight. The reducer bushes should not turn in the frame - the pivot action should be between the reducers and the DU eyelet bush.