The pivots on a full suspension bike usually come in one of two flavours:

  • bushes
  • bearings

This bike has both types and being a four bar design there are plenty of them! This guide demonstates how to service a pair of each type. If you do a pair at a time all pivots can be serviced without dismantling the entire frame. You may have to remove some other parts to get at some pivots e.g. on this bike the chainset has to be removed to service the pivot near the bottom bracket.


These are usually simple. Undo the bolts through the bushes and pull the frame apart. Remove the bushes from the frame.

If the bushes are worn there is nothing much you can do other than replace them with some nice new ones.

Use a little Locktite on the bolt when you put it back in.
Do not lube bushes - it just helps them wear out faster!


These are a little trickier. Again undo the bolts through the bearings and pull the frame apart.

The bearings are usually pressed into a bit of the frame - in this case the rocker arms. To get them out a G-clamp and two suitable size sockets can be used. You'll have to work out for yourself the best way for a particular pivot but the picture to the right gives you an idea. Basically use the smaller socket and clamp to push the bearing into the hole in the larger socket.

Once the bearings are out you can either buy some new ones or pop the seals off with a Stanley knife, clean and re-grease them.

Re-insert the bearings with the G-clamp and socket and then bolt the frame back together. Again use a little Locktite on the bolt.