Probably because he was cold from hanging about? Baz set a fast pace off past the pig farm heading towards Newstead Abbey. He blew three quarters of the way up the first proper climb and Eddy took the lead for the rest of the ride.

We did all the usual quality singletrack through Newstead, Normanshill Wood, Thieves Wood and out to Cauldwell Wood including a few sections I hadn't done for a while. The pace was pretty quick but it was good fun. In Normanshill Wood we disturbed a couple of blokes engaged in the kind of activity we don't really want to see at lunchtime on a Bank holiday Monday - or in fact at anytime! I won't go in to detail but this wood is notorious for it.

Just after this Mick had an off on some slippery branches and got the usual sympathy. He had been saying he wasn't feeling great prior to the crash and not long after he tilted - heading back on his own. The rest of us got to the dam and I think everyone cleaned it? I was very happy with this as my old nemesis had had me failing on my two previous visits. Big E cleaned it for what I believe was his first ever time. Nice one E!

Big E conquers The Dam

The ride back through Harlow Wood was tricky in places and great to ride. The sandy climb to finish was as much of a pleasure as usual...

After a couple of hours we were back and enjoying a pint. As I had rolled into the car park I noticed my front tyre was going down. How's that for timing? Really enjoyed this ride :)