I usually stay at work late and then head straight to the ride start location (which varies each week around a few pubs) as its not worth going home first. This week it took me an hour to drive the 30 ish miles from work to the Fox & Hounds. About par for the course traffic wise. As usual I arrived feeling knackered and a little stressed after work and a grotty drive in the dark.

Nine of us gradually filled the car park with the usual fiddling with lights and pulling crap wheelies before we headed into the woods. The car said it was half a degree above freezing when we set off. The trails had a damp surface but were firm. There were a few small frozen sections but generally conditions were ideal.

Baz took the lead and set a brisk pace into all the singletrack we know in Blidworth and Sansom Woods. The pace of winter night rides is always fairly quick with little in the way of lengthy stops. We don't want to get cold. This ride was no exception but I felt good having quickly worn off my lethargy and enjoyed the ride. Medium Steve seemed to be the man suffering at the back this week?

 A quick break during this weeks night ride

Phil got an "over the bars" in early on and then finished right at the end with a fall on some wet roots. I don't think any serious damage was done though? Apart from that it was pretty much quality singletrack taken at speed in the dark and damp. Excellent fun! :)

As usual the ride was timed to near enough two hours bang on. A quick change and the free sandwiches in the pub didn't last long as they were washed down with a pint.