We set off at the usual time with Baz leading us with the promise of "a new trail" later on. First we headed into the woods heading towards Haywood Oaks and picked up one of many trails that are currently suffering from recent forestry work. There were blockages of branches and debris spoiling what was once good flow; too much to clear so the trail is gradually starting to take on new directions and style as it is ridden again but it is not the best at the minute. The night was damp and fairly mild and the ground was similar. It was not wet but was soft enough to make it hard going. I was immediately towards the back of the pack.

By the time we reached the new trail in Calverton Woods I was firmly in last place and struggling. I don't know why? I could blame the fact my back had been playing up all week but I don't think it was that? Just one of those "off" nights I guess?

The "new trail" was in fact only new to us. It was an old trail obviously built years ago that has been forgotten. Baz struggled to find the entrance as it is overgrown but once we got on the trail we found a nice downhill singletrack with some berms and broken down jumps. We rode it once and found it was ok but needed a fair bit of clearing to get it up and running properly again. We did a lap round to ride it again only this time we stopped to do a bit of trail maintenance (despite Eddie's moaning!). We dragged a full tree off that was blocking a berm and then cleared a few small branches. If we ride it every week and stop and do a little each time it'll soon be bedded back in and become a regular feature of our rides in the woods. A new trail in the woods that we have ridden for years is rare.

I had been glad of the rest while we were moving the tree etc but it hadn't helped as I was once again last as we headed back to the pub. I didn't exactly "not enjoy" this ride but I just never really got into it properly. This is the first time this has happened since I started this diary. In fact it's the first time for absolutley ages! Let's hope it's the last time for ages too?