There was a light drizzle of rain as we unpacked the car but you didn't really notice it once you were in the woods. Most of you will know where we were riding but I won't name it here as the trail builders don't want loads of people swarming all over the place. Sheldon started by giving me a quick guided tour. It had been over a year since I last visted this spot and blimey have the lads been busy! There were new trails and jumps everywhere. Most of the jumps are big (by my standards) and some are absolutely huge (by anyone's standards!). Just the amount of dirt moved to create everything is impressive.

Sheldon making it look easy

We started by having a few "wheels on the ground" runs on some of the excellent bermed trails. Then Sheldon hit some, what he termed "medium" sized stuff. It was what I would consider to be very big for me! Being very rusty at this type of stuff I headed down the bottom of the hill and practised on some small doubles. I was amazed at how much I was worried by them - as they hadn't got any bigger since the last time I was here (although one had turned from a tabletop into a double). I guess a year is a long time? After several runs I started to get my eye in and was very happy to be clearing them.

Yours truly sticking to the easy stuff

A few more locals had turned up as the afternoon arrived and some of the young lads were doing a bit of filming (despite it still being wet and dull). Everyone was dead friendly and chatty. I tried to get a few photos but as I only had the point and push camera and the light was very poor the results were not brilliant.

Sheldon taking off

As the day progressed both the trails and ourselves were gradually getting wetter. We decided an early trip to the pub was called for. It was nice to check out the trails even if I didn't ride many of them. It definitely gave me a taste for this type of riding again and want to push myself a bit at it. Though I don't think I'll ever be hitting some of the huge daft stuff!