Last night I dug out my road bike from the back of the shed as it had hadn't been ridden since sometime last summer. I call it a "road bike" but I guess any "proper" roadies wouldn't? It's a Specialized Sirrus Comp. Classified as a "commuter" in the catalogues. Mine is bog standard build except for some Race Face carbon bars, some Shimano SPD pedals, Cane Creek bar ends and an old Bontager saddle. I've never got on with those Specialized Body Geometry saddles. It's a road bike to me and I prefer the flat bars and V-brakes over standard road fare. How often do roadies use the drops anyway?

For a fat tyre addict riding a road bike always feels weird. Steep geometry, feeling every little bump... but wow are they easy to pedal! I headed up the street and then turned immediately into a strong head wind. Not so easy to pedal then!

There's not a lot I can say about a road ride. It's not as if there is ever going to be an interesting technical section or an exciting new trail. It's just basically turning pedals and having too much time to think! The only excitement is usually caused by idiots in charge of motorised vehicles! Occasionally there is a speed fix but why anyone would favour the road over off road I will never understand?

I have a route consisting of 21 miles of mostly country lanes (to avoid traffic) which is fairly hilly for here abouts so that's what I did. I saw one other cyclist while I was out. I nodded and said "Good evening" but he just blanked me. Obviously a proper "miserable roadie"! ;)

I'll record my stats for the ride here so I can compare next time I do it.

Total distance: 21.22 miles
Total time: 1:20:31
Moving time: 1:18:00
Max speed: 37.49 mph
Average speed: 15.81 mph
Average moving speed: 16.32 mph
Elevation gain: 1,099 ft
Min Elevation: 286 ft
Max Elevation: 681 ft