We started on the south side of town to make life easier for Steve with regard to getting home from work in time to meet us but as he and I had headed out that way on Tuesday I had a vague plan to head in a different direction.

We started by going to Burton Lazars then down to Brentingby and on to Freeby. There the plan became more fluid when we decided to check out the short bridleway over to Saxby which we have never ridden before. It was nothing special (we didn't expect it to be!) but it's always good to ride a new trail. From Saxby we took the gravel road north and then turned right (further along than we thought) onto the green lane which heads towards Sproxton.

It's a shame He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named cannot well..... be named! He was having a good night and scoffed at me when he cleaned a tricky rutted section which I failed on.

Approaching Scalford

We headed on via Stonesby, Waltham, Goadby Marwood and Scalford all at a fairly good pace making an enjoyable two hour ride before we adjourned to The Welby for the traditional post ride beers and "talk up".