I met up with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at his place and the two of us set off on a very warm and humid evening. I was sweating just standing around before we set off!

We started out by heading up to Asfordby Hill and through the old iron works via our favourite little bits of trail and then over the railway footbridge. On our way towards Asfordby Valley we detoured off the lane into the woods and industrial wasteland just past the reservoir for a quick explore. There are a few nice but very short trails which we rode having moved a fallen tree off one of them. We didn't have time for a full explore/play session though so we'll have to go back sometime. It's been ages since I've been all round there.

We continued on via the byway to Kirby Bellars and then by tarmac and bridleways to Ashby Folville. The plan was to do "The Fields of Pain" - the bridleway up from south of Thorpe Satchville to Burrough on the Hill. This got it's nickname due to the fact that it is uphill straight across usually churned up arable fields. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named set a good pace up it and I hung on to his back wheel. We were both feeling it when we got to the top.

That just left a descent of Burrough Hill and a quick blast home via Moscow Lane and Sandy Lane to get home. However around Moscow Lane there was a swarm of little black flies. It was horrible! We had to ride with our mouths shut but go as fast as possible to get through them. I don't know what they were? I guess the hot, humid night had brought them out. There were also loads of flying ants swarming around back in my street before I set out earlier.

Having survived the plague of flies we were glad to reach the comfort of the pub and quickly demolished a couple of pints.