By the time we got going the rain had stopped and a few minutes later it was a glorious sunny afternoon! Don't you just love the British weather! We started out by heading through the old Calverton Pit site to get to the woods. It was proper hot climbing up the gravel road in the pit!

Once in the woods we picked up the best of the singletrack trying to guess which bits wouldn't be too overgrown. One of these was the fun little descent that I mentioned as a new trail we rode for the first time back in February. It is now a staple part of any ride in the woods and Baz lead us into it with me following him. He was riding his new Boardman hardtail. As we headed towards the little jump on the trail I dropped my uppy downy seatpost and backed off a little. Baz probably wishes he had a similar post as he did the jump with his seatpost fully up and landed on it snapping the shiny new carbon seatpost! "Fat Hand" strikes again!

At the bottom of the trail I tidied up the bottom of the snapped post with a little saw on my multi-tool and we managed to do a swap with Doc's post of the same diameter - which he was running with much less post showing allowing the swap.

With everyone able to ride (but not necessarily able to set their optimum seat height!) we continued at a fairly decent pace picking off sections of singletrack before we eventually we decided it was beer time and the usual sprint past the golf course started. Steve and I were last in so I'm not sure what the sprint results were?