I gradually felt better as we progressed, going out on tarmac to start then the bridleway behind Scalford Hall to Landyke Lane and on via Holwell, Ab Kettleby, Wartnaby and Saxelbye linking up bridleways with the necessary tarmac.

Several of the fields are now harvested and we had to pick stubble out of our mechs at Ab Kettleby. We'll soon have to adjust parts of some routes as fields get ploughed.

On the fast double track from Wartnaby Ricky pinch flatted giving us a breather. I could have done with it a bit later on the permissive bridleway to Saxelbye which was not much fun on a hardtail (which 3 out of the 4 of us were riding).

As it happened we did get another breather heading down from Asfordby Farm when Ricky flatted again! This time we didn't really want a breather as we were nearly on the home straight back to the pub!

All his spare tubes used up we got back for a couple of pints. We needed lights to get back from the pub at 9pm. Those evenings are drawing in already!