Just before we set off Baz wandered over to me and said "I've decided I'm sheeping today. You can lead. Just keep us away from The Vol!" I obeyed my instructions and took us over slippery bridge and into the woods. We told the roadies we would see them back at base in a couple of hours.

I had a plan to head out through the woods and then come back via the fields. It's amazing what a difference it is being at the front of a ride compared to the back. The lads were moaning I was hoovering yet I felt like I was keeping a steady pace!

Two rides in a row on the full suss and I was appreciating the difference to a hardtail. You can just sit down and pedal through stuff you have to stand for on a hardtail.

I got my timing just about right and we rolled back into the pub car park after just over two hours to find the roadies already sat in the beer garden, pints in hand. It didn't take long for us to join them!