As we headed off down the road towards the woods Baz asked me to look at his arse. No we've not developed tendancies in that way! His tights didn't feel right and I confirmed the buffoon had put them on the wrong way round! Once we got off the road he stopped to quickly reverse things and got away with surprisingly little p*ss taking considering....

On the initial sections of singletrack I was behind The Fun Hoover who had assumed the lead. After a few minutes I realised I was blowing big time keeping up with him and reined it back in order to not be absolutley knackered after a few minutes!

It worked for a while with The Hoover having to keep waiting for me and those behind me. Unfortunately I stopped to remove a stick from my rear mech and those that passed started keeping up. I was therefore playing catch up and struggling for the rest of the night.

The trails in the woods are bone dry and super fast at the minute. It's a shame I'm not!