Uphill was a different matter of course! However I'm pleased to say that after a slow start I got into my stride and was feeling a lot better than last week. I think the fact that Baz was leading rather than The Fun Hoover probably also helped? :-O

Baz lead us round some of the old favourite bits of singletrack and I also showed the lads my very small bit of trail building, done a couple of days before whilst walking round Burnt Stump. I've added a small log to the top of the steep roll so now you can jump onto the slope if you want?

There were six of us out so the ride was relatively fast with little fannying about. Near the end I was surprised to find myself still up with the group as we climbed the road past the golf course and even more surprised when I took the lead of the back four and closed the gap to Eddie and Stu who were a way in front! I even had the energy to act as leadout into the headwind until the sprint for the pub started. No chance of me bothering with the actual sprint though!

Overall a much more enjoyable ride than last week and I felt much better at the end of it. Back to what Thursday nights should feel like!