Just after "slippery bridge" there is a cut back branch at handlebar height, on the left of the path that has caught many a rider out in the last year or two. The added comedy bonus is that on the right of the path is a pond! This week it was Steve's turn to suffer from not paying enough attention. He was lucky though and only got a wet foot rather than full immersion!

I led the ride and with only three of us there were few interuptions to our progress. We stopped at a few points for some photo attempts but the lack of light in late afternoon at this time of year didn't make for great photographs.

We tried for some photographs on the steep drop in Burntstump where I added a log last week. At one point Steve nearly ran me over as I was clicking away and then proceeded to fall off at the bottom of the slope. The carpet of soft leaves meant no damage was done though.

We were out until the light began to fade - which is pretty early now and then it was back to the pub for a pint. A good Autumn ride.