We started out on the road, heading past the golf course before nipping into Haywood Oaks. It was another mild, dry day but the small amounts of rain are starting to have an affect on the trails. They are still dry for the time of year but softness is creeping in and patches are getting wetter.

Baz took us through Haywood Oaks then round the back of Blidworth where some of the trails on the old pit site were very greasy before heading to Harlow Wood via Fountain Dale. At a couple of points we stopped for a bit of a play on some easyish obstacles and the banter flowed. "The chicken" was out and got transferred to different riders for minor crashes and other mis-demeanors throughout the ride!

It was nice to head out that way for a change but it did mean we were still a reasonable distance from base with time pressing. However we made it safely back at dusk.