The weather forecast turned out to be spot on but the pub car park was more puddle than tarmac when I got there. As I waited I wondered if anyone else was going to show up? I didn't fancy riding alone in the woods at night but it would be a waste of all the preparation, driving and an entire evening if I didn't.

As it happened Pooley soon turned up and then Hilly joined us just as we were readying for the off :-) It was just the three of us and so I was nominated "leader" as we headed off to see just how damp the trails were? For the first time this winter the ground under wheel was proper wet. It was a total contrast to the dry fast trails of last Saturday.

As I've mentioned before the sandy soils of the Nottinghamshire woods mean the trails are never unridable so we had a good ride round all the usual bits of our favourite singletrack.

Back at the pub, a couple of steady hours later, I broke out the mobile washer for the first time in ages. In the pub the free sandwiches went a lot further than usual as there were only the three of us to tackle them! :-)