We headed out down the Southwell Trail and as usual The Fun Hoover was at the front setting a fast pace. I was at the back of the pack sucking a wheel to stay with it but Medium Steve was suffering and dropped off the back. I waited for him when we turned off at Bilsthorpe heading for Sherwood Pines.

The railway crossing was a bit tricky and an indicator of what was to come. The sand in the bottom was loose and damp making carrying enough speed to get up the other side tricky. I think only a couple cleaned it. I didn't!

Once in Shady Pines we bombed down the nearby blue route descent before doing a full lap of the red. What was fast and dry a couple of weeks ago, still was in places but some sections are beginning to turn into bogs. This made the lap entertaining at times as the dry sections allowed plenty of speed to be carried into softer, slippier sections.

We only paused briefly a few times during the lap for re-grouping and for a go at The Folly which I think everyone failed? About half way round Jimmy's light stopped working but Shakey bailed him out with a spare. He was blaming overheating in Oman taking it's toll. My own "Magic Shed" hasn't been working either. I was getting frustrated with occasional chain suck.

As usual we finished with a flat out sprint back down The Southwell Trail. I was once again sat on the last wheel getting a tow. I was also getting a face full of mud and water from the wheels in front!

Back at the pub the mobile washer got a hammering before we joined the throng of better dressed folk for a drink.

That's my last ride this side of Xmas. Happy Xmas to you all.