There were a lot of small powerful climbs and a lot of really slow corners you needed to accelerate hard out of. We had 7 laps. It's a Fri Night Summer Series venue that I'd advise doing if its dry. These races last about 1 hour. If its wet it wouldn't be a 'fun' wet, it'd be rubbish. You ride through fields for a lot of it.

Basically I died again near the end and went from 2nd to 4th. I need to sort it out! I have 1 hour 40 in me, but the races always push 2 hours. Oh well, the comp was tough, and I've got enough points to be ranked number 5 in UK right now. Lee williams won it - but he's ranked number 1 now!

Enduro 6 as a team pair coming up.  Enjoy Kielder if you are going