Personally I thought the event was brilliant. The course went straight up, a mini DH section of trail centre rocks, up again, a mini DH of trail centre doubles, straight up again to just below the road gap at the start of the old DH course and then down the DH course. It was really muddy and was pretty ridiculous on an XC steed with the seat teasing you over the bars. I left the riser bar on for this one.

I puctured lap 1, fixed it, crashed lap 2 bending hanger (but not realising) and then changed mech into spokes. Ran to pits and fixed it by which time I'd been lapped. Disaster. I quit.

Got to watch the DH, which Gee Atherton won, Peaty was on for it until he hit the deck on the last corner! Liam won the XC. Womens winners were Sue Clarke and Tracey Moseley but I didn't see them. So for me it was shocking, but I give the event 10 out of 10. Brilliant course. Proper course. I need to go tubeless again and stay upright.