Unfortunately though the mud was unrideable and on a 20 min lap, there was 5 plus of running!!!! I am bad at this. Real bad. I ended up trying too hard and split my knee open on my stem on a descent trying to make up time which pretty much disabled me for a lap, especially on the run. I ended up 13 mins down on the winner - the Junior national champ - 17 years old. Flippin heck! I need to train a bit of running.

Oddly though the results were random with a change around in overall positions with some really good riders having disasters. Elite roadie, who is a mtber and a good one too got lapped. Chris Andrews, an impressive rider on the up this year who was 10th at the national champs got 8th here in a regional. I limped past him to 7th on the "run" where he was pretty much hanging off his handlebar a broken man! All this randomness has put me first in the series overall, with one round to go at the old favourite - Sherwood Pines. A course I ALWAYS (don't speak too soon) punch above my weight at. So despite it being my worst ride / day of the year it's put me in a pretty good position in a series which has seen me bonk, snap a chain and crash/die in the three races! Just goes to show - never give up, keep on slogging it out.

Time for a break for me. Next racing is mid Sept and I'm burning out, having accidents and mechanicals. Need to get drunk a few times, and go back to basics in training before the final push.