With it being the final round, and late season not many of us started, but the top 3 of us were all fighting for the overall, and the top 3 in the race was how that ended. Paul Robertson and I tied on points but they gave it to me - I won a round, he didn't if that counts. Nigel Martin 3rd.

It is always hard to gap at Sherwood but I went on Lap 2 hard and gapped them at this point including Chris Andrews. Kept it together after that to win by just over 2 min. My bottle cage nearly fell off, but apart from that it was straight forward. Just sprinted out of fireroad corners, went as fast as poss and stayed off the brakes in that tight singletrack. The course was mainly a new combination of old stuff. Except for a newly cut singletrack  and a new steep chute near the bomb holes which developed Morzinesque braking bumps before a couple of nasty stumps.

So there we are. First Elite win (of many) and I even got to sit up in the finish area, High 5 Raynor in respect for my excellent drinks and coast over the line. Cheers for the support from Andy, Adam, Deb, Mick, my dad, all my fans, everyone who had faith and God.