You need 8 scoring rounds in all competitions to count for Brit ranking, and 4 NPS for NPS ranking. I'd already done enough. Had to get 20th to boost BC rank, 17th to boost NPS points and top 15 for world rank points. I went all out, no spares and pucntured after half a lap. Took nearly 7 hours to get there, 5 back, £31 entry. At least the 2 second Tent was free!

Seems a fitting end to an up and down season. Should've taken a gas cannister - I'd defo have top 20'd, and maybe top 15'd even with a flat - NEVER GIVE UP, practice what you preach and all that. The 2 biggest efforts this year, Innerleithen and Plymouth, I have come back with nothing but an empty petrol tank.

It was a fun course though - finally ridden the legendary Pipeline. I remember watching it claim casualties on Transworld Sport in the mid 90's world cups. World Champ Miguel Martinez, the legend from the Classic Team Sunn Chipie was one who went down. It's not so legendary now discs and suspension work, but still fun and steep.

Yesterday Killeen dropped out, Beckinsale won, a Czech 2nd an Edwinstower Dave Fletcher 3rd. Good lad. Annie Last won the womens with Gunn Rita Dahle - Ex World and Current Olympic Champ well down - think she's a mother now.

Good effort to my team mates, Matt Barrett and Ian Wright (Not the Arsenal striker) winning their overall NPS age groups. Well done.

Not long since I was excited about the KTM's and now the seasons done. New team and new confidence, I'm optimistic for Raleigh Avanti next year. Rumour is I might be on a Corratec X-Bow.

I'm hungover now. Went for a bash at KTM guys house last night and got stuck into a barrel of ale, a BBQ and a load of good food. Was a good old night with a couple of 1960's Massey Fegusons acting as the bar and music system stand and a load of mad country folk dancing in a field. Like my dads mate always says 'If you're going to have  a do, have a good do'.

Time to build up my bar stamina now which is well down.