Second - check this website. It's random, but funny. A guy who pretends to hate everything. If he hates it so much though, how does he know so much about it? I still laughed though. A lot of things to read. I hate people that spend more time thinking of things to hate than getting on with riding, and leave Lopes alone!

Third. The CX season is over half way through. I had a 2 week break then started racing again. Did a Notts and Derby, Chris Metcalfe won, Matt Barrett 2nd, I punctured.

Raced a West Mids league on the sunday. It was a beautiful day, still warm. Danny Booth pretty much destroyed it, Matt Barrett 2nd, I got 3rd and my first finish on a CX bike (instead of mtb), I was still learning to ride it in the race.

Got another 3rd at a Yorks league behind Vat national champ, and a junior nat champ. I couldn't get going. Just grinded it out.

Then for the mud fest that was Mallory National Trophy. Mechs were snapping left right and centre. Was a bit of a mare for me. Didn't get called (or as the commissaire said I didn't hear it) up so started dead last on the grid of 60 odd starters. Managed to ride up to 18th / 19th sort of position. We went through the pits 2X per lap. People were getting freshly jet washed bikes! I had none. It was annoying. My bike was carrying a few lbs of mud and brakes and gears were failing. Guys were starting to ride away towards the end of the race. I dropped 1 place after moving up a couple. Still 19th I think from looking at the results of those who finished. Anyway it wasn't meant to be. I snapped my mech too and had no spare bike. 45min gone of the hour! Matt Barrett got 12th, without a spare. That is a brilliant ride. Having a clean bike makes so much difference. Means you need a spare and a jet wash and a pit crew though.

A couple of Belgians 1 and 2, Jody Crawforth 3rd after having a hefty run to get his spare bike after a mechanical, Dave Collins and Danny Booth up there too which was good to see.

Raleigh did well with Ian Wright 2nd, Geoff Giddings 3rd and Sam Lowe 2nd in their own cat's Tom Lowe was well into top half in seniors and Matt got that awesome 12th. I was the let down. Again!