The plan was for me to ride some quality singletrack while Liz enjoyed relaxing by the pool / on the beach. However on the first day as we headed up into the neaby mountains in the Sierra minibus we were greeted by thick fog. Once riding it then also began to chuck it down with rain! Riding wise this was fine as guide Jonny had chosen some of the typical rocky singletrack the area is covered with however I felt a bit sorry for Liz down below.

Fortunately the rain didn't persist for the whole trip and we enjoyed some sunshine too. I guess the Sierra way of doing things would be described as "Uplifted XC"? Basically they ferry you up anywhere between 500 and a 1000 metres in a minbus and then there is usually a combination of fireroad climbing and top notch technical rocky singletrack for the day finishing back at (literally) sea level giving an overall bias towards descent for the day. I took the Cove Hustler which was bang on for the type of riding.

I also met up with local resident Paul Bell. He did a spot of guiding round some local bars (Cheers mate!) and also joined me for a days riding.

Overall it was a very good holiday and I'd definitely recommend it. I shall be trying to do it again....

Photos from the trip are here

Video is here